About Dial A Car Battery

Established in 2010, Dial A Car Battery is a roaming company that provides car battery replacement services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, regardless of where the situation is across the island. With just a phone call, Dial A Car Battery immediately renders help to anyone, anywhere. Dial A Car Battery is also a one-stop solution for battery services for car owners.

Imagine yourself going to your car preparing to attend an important event. Suddenly, your car doesn’t start. The fuel tank is not empty, and you just sent the car for routine servicing, what could be wrong? You then realize, the car dashboard lights are flickering and weak, the car battery must be flat. The mechanic certainly did not inform you about that. Luckily for your imaginary self, the Dial A Car Battery company is just a phone call away, and your imaginary self is saved.

How do we came about our company name – Dial A Car Battery? We were inspired by company names like ‘Dial A Cab’ and ‘Dial A Pizza’, which were to-the-point and catchy, and decided upon ‘Dial A Car Battery’. With one look at the name, people would instantly know what the company is does.

Our Mission

To rescue stranded dead car battery owners in Singapore, all day and every day.

Our Vision

Operating 24/7 island-wide, WE WILL SAVE YOU 1 DAY!

Our Awards

  • Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise 2013 (read more)
  • Top 25 Prestige Award 2014
  • 02:23 Heroes by Esso (read more)