Professional Car Battery Services

At Dial A Car Battery, we provide a variety of professional car battery service like:

  • Mobile Car Battery Replacement Services
  • Jump Start for Flat Car Battery
  • 24 Hours / 365 Days Always Standby
  • Singapore Island-Wide
  • Our Car Battery Products

    At Dial A Car Battery, we carry a wide range of battery brands to cater to every driver’s need.

    Below are the battery brands that we carry:

  • Amaron Hi-Life Maintenance Free Batteries
  • Amaron Pro Maintenance Free Batteries
  • Bosch S5 Maintenance Free Batteries
  • Bosch SM Maintenance Free Batteries
  • Drive (German Technology) Maintenance Free Batteries
  • Quality / Tested 2nd Hand Batteries
  • Our Car Battery Packages

    Package A
    Battery installation at Dial A Car Battery’s location, by appointment only.
    Total cost: Battery price

    Package B
    Battery installation at customer’s location.
    Total cost: Battery price + onsite fee

    Package C
    Jump start at customer’s location.
    Total cost: Jump start fee