Our Car Battery Warranty

All batteries distributed by Dial A Car Battery are covered with the following warranty period:

  • Petrol vehicle – 12 months local agent
  • Diesel vehicle – 6 months local agent
  • 2nd hand battery – 1 month in-house
Batteries warranty cover:

  • Only authorized mechanics from DACB will perform warranty claims.
  • The warranty only covers defects in manufacturing (eg. short circuit/spot welding).
  • 1-to-1 replacement should the battery be tested faulty due to manufacturing defect.
Battery warranty does not cover:

  • Re-visit fee.
  • Defective alternator/vehicle electrical equipment.
  • Use of battery in situations other than intended.
  • In case of malfunctioning battery due to deep discharge.

Important Note:

  • Battery fault due to deep discharge (<10.5v) is not subject for replacement and subject for rejection of warranty.
  • A deeply discharged battery is not considered defective, and therefore is not covered by manufacturing warranty.
  • Sulfation will destroy your battery.
  • Do not leave battery to be deep discharged (lower than 12.3v). Deep discharge can be the result of not switching off vehicle’s electrical components, using battery to support 24 hours in-car camera recording, or the inability to charge a depleting battery. Once again, deep discharged will lead to sulfation, which is not covered by the manufacturing warranty.

Claiming Car Battery Warranty

Give us a call or send us an email to arrange for our authorized mechanic to come down for inspection. Do note there will be a re-visit fee as warranty only covers the product. If the battery is assessed to be defective, we will replace the battery. If the problem is from other aspect of the vehicle, we will conduct a jump-start service.