Engaging Dial A Car Battery Professional Car Battery Services

Step 1: Information

  1. You can reach us faster via our car battery support hotline +65 9047 5437. Alternatively, you can drop us an enquiry via the request form below.
  2. We will first need to know the details of your vehicle such as the make, model and registration number.
  3. Next we will need to know the exact location of your vehicle. Be as clear as possible to avoid delay in us reaching you at the right place.

Step 2: Quote & Confirmation

  1. We will provide you with our quote and estimated arrival time. If you would like to proceed with our car battery services, we will proceed to take down the details.
  2. We will send a confirmation SMS with your booking information along with our Terms & Conditions.
  3. A reply from you is necessary to confirm the booking so we can proceed to plan our schedule.
  4. A car battery mechanic will be dispatched to your site. We will drop you a SMS 5 minutes prior to our arrival so you can prepare to standby the vehicle.

Step 3: Car Battery Servicing

  1. Upon arrival, we will test the current condition of your car battery. If it’s not car battery problem, we will advise you the next step(s). If your car battery is faulty, replacement will be done as per our agreement on the phone.
  2. Once replacement is done, we will test the alternator (charging system) to ensure that it is good. We will advise you from there if it is not.
  3. We will take back the old car battery for proper disposal.

Step 4: Job Completion & Payment

  1. We accept cash, PayNow, PayLah or fund transfer on the spot.
  2. Official receipt will be issued to customers, please keep it with you for warranty purpose.